Welcome to Fidelio USA

European design for American comfort.

Fidelio Shoes and SandalsEuropean manufactured style, quality, comfort and design have come together to make sandals and shoes for everyone. Now available in the US, Fidelio is the Austrian designed shoe you don't want to miss.

Customers trying our sandals on for the first time praise their comfort. The insole is made from feather-light natural cork covered with a layer of the best calf leather. It perfectly supports your anatomy and properly supports the foot. The deep-cupped heel correctly positions the foot while providing additional stability. It is these innovations that correctly distribute weight and makes the sandal so comfortable.

Random Shoes

Black Sandal 35-701-10 #10 Black

Black Mary Jane 35-606-40 #40 Black/Crocodile

Chocolate Felt Clog 51-351-85 #85 Chocolate

Denim Sandal 33-715-09 #09 Denim